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Skin Improvement since 1979!

hannah Skin Improvement Research Company is one of the most famous and respected professional brands in skincare in the Netherlands. The outstanding reputation has been achieved after more than 30 years of unrivalled experience, expertise and understanding in the area of skincare.

The unknown specialism in skin therapy and the development of the revolutionary and scientifically based and patented Connective Tissue Massage have resulted in a innovative technique and a highly effective step-by-step plan for the skin. The aims are simple: a visible improvement and enhanced strength of the skin for everyone!

The company is based in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands. The impressive building and exquisite location are the perfect environment to welcome colleagues, skin coaches and clients, carry-out training and education to the highest standards. The passionately product developing have allowed hannah to create a total concept for a successful daily skincare routine from improving the skin’s condition to maintaining a healthy, youthful and confident appearance!